About us

Rolling Blunts® was founded in 1996 by two lifelong friends, Joshua Salazar and Robert Marquez. The company started from a simple idea while sitting at a gas station, pumping gas.


We witnessed a group of people on their way out on a Friday night buying a pack of Phillies Blunt. They walked over to their car, wiped out a razor blade and proceeded to gut it and dump out all the tobacco right there on the floor next to the pumps and drove off. We all know what came next. This wasn't the first time I had witnessed this but it was the first time a giant light bulb went off in my head.



I clearly remember saying "why don't we package a tobacco leaf and sell it for rolling blunts". That same night we went out to the strip club and all we could do was think about a cool name to call our new product. After a couple of drinks it came to me and Rolling Blunts was born.


We opened a corporation called Rolling Blunts and started production not to long after. We came up with our logo, got it printed on resealable bags, bought a bail of tobacco and got to work making a mess cutting up tobacco leaves in my mom’s garage. I will never forget after finishing our first box of 25 packs, we drove a mile down the street to the nearest gas station and sold it to the owner for $62.50. After that, the rest is history.



We hope you enjoy our apparel as much as we enjoy making cool gear for the Rolling Blunts lifestyle in all of us.

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